Tin Man

by Aza Records

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Major fireworks, minor stars Major words and minor trust One goes down and one goes up Headlong to the fly trap Major thoughts and minor acts Minor end and Major start Minor future, major past Minor smoke and major ash Just go ahead and spread it, Name it, blame it, It’s over Still hanging me over Again and again, A missing rhyme To make it shine It’s over, it’s over Again and again Minor forest, Major tree Major you and minor me One goes round the other through As I vainly passing you Minor rainbow, Major meadow Will it rain again tomorrow? Minor ego, major habit Will I ever overcome it? Just go ahead and shout it Hide it, kill it It’s over It’s taking you over Again and again A restless hope To break your oath It’s over, it’s over Again and again
If I start to breath tomorrow Will I fill my heart with sorrow? If I sup without a choke Will I fill my head with smoke? If I chat and if I text Will I be just like the rest? If I grind and if I perch Will I be the lucky pet? If I settle in the ground Will I end to where I’m bound? If I play my music loud Will I entertain the crowd? Nice to meet you! Nice to be here! ‘’Nice’’ is such a boring word If you say so , it could happen I‘ll be sorry If you don’t I’ll be sorry if you don’t If I rush out in suspence Will I drive away the tense? If I take the consequece Will I stand another chance? If I drink another ale Will I be beyond the pale? If I fall and if I crawl Will I walk just like before?
Do you need… A Jaws paperback ? A Rick Wakeman LP or A tape of “Loveshack” ? Do you want.. A floral skirt ? A funky new belt or A psychedelic shirt ? Do you crave some Jean Michel Jarre ? 2 DVDs for a pound And a luminous scarf ? Then you’ve come To the right place Have a rummage, Bring all your mates To the Charity Shop It's for a good cause.... When your mind Is a minefield When your callers Are unknown When your search Brings no answers I'm not talking Firefox or Chrome When your tempo Is erratic And it hasn't got a groove It's just troubled With the static Just a list of more "To-dos"... Then you’ve come To the right place Have a rummage, Bring all your mates To the Charity Shop It's for a good cause.... Do you want some Dead Man’s pants or A colouring book of Adam & The Ants I know I do So come on let’s dance… To the Charity Shop Bop....
City of Enlighted bridges Wake me up and try to please me City of the purple dawn Keep me sane and lead me on City of a million faces I am Stripped by your response City of the warm embraces Cool my steps and make me pause (hold the clown inside the box make the circle close) City of the ancient tales By mistakes and over fails City of the steel and wonder Make me hold my breath much longer City where the lovers hide tricky colors can combine City of the eastern lore Show me how to love you more City of the now and then Show me where the future trails City of the bloody red Make me wiser in the end (hold the clown inside the box make the circle close)
I can clean your wounds with a softer blade than the one, that create them I can close my eyes and bleed for you and bleed for you I can leak your scars I can drink your tears and I can swallow your fears but to love you I can’t
Saturday night – out of your sight Far beyond that meets your eye Ghostly features in my face Signs that show a different race Once the stars were guiding lights Now by the walls are hidden Once I had you in my arms Now we’re even, now we’re even Days of strain and weeks of pain The angels played a trick on me Months of loss and years of weakness Devil’s dance in early spring Sunday morning – lost in time Inside a cell a bullied child I’m so jealous of the birds Four walls blocking all my thoughts LOVE ME…
Wilderness in you the nature is bleeding Open wounds in my hands i keep on screaming Dead leaves on the trees that will devour all thats left of us a frightning power and im creeping below Pawns upon a board they never wake up Losing is a word that i dont hate and i dont want know I pull the strings well and theres nothing you can do about it I pull the strings well Desert highways ache. while winds conspire They ride along with us and spread the fire. They night return on us and will be reaping everything that we held upon the laughter and the weeping below
We all speak like the angels. Hidden faces behind the wall. All these smoked hoodies, are dancing in the middle of the road. Black Friday’s, wooden days. Tomorrow deaths, love and fire. White dreams, alone in the dark Forever deaf, drugs and life. Type your name “The Noname”. The last drive in the sky. All your friends are laughing haha! And you, are leaving, to another planet, to find another home in the middle of a cave, by the sadness of the day. Don't worry, it's just the sadness of the day


released April 22, 2020


all rights reserved



Aza Records Thessaloniki, Greece

This is a call to instruments,this is Aza Records - a collective of independent bands from your neighborhood.

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